Our Story


Excellence for His Excellency

The One Body One God (OBOG) Dance Ministry was birthed out of a desire to see a higher standard of excellence raised in Christian dance ministry. OBOG is the first dance company of its kind; fuelled by a passion for God, a love of dance and a desire to honour and glorify Christ in the fullest.

​Started in 2012 by three young dancers/visionaries, Sherona McAllister, Judene Edwards and Charissa Clemetson; One Body One God is comprised of 20 dancers from over 14 different churches and dance ministries in Jamaica. Our ultimate goal as a company is to see excellence presented to God through the amazing gift of dance.

​Through unity we sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron, facilitating the technical and spiritual growth of all the ministries involved. The name One Body One God is based on the scripture Ephesians 4:4-6; and illustrates the desire to unify the body of Christ by joining dancers from various dance ministries.

Who We Are

20 dancers

Over 10 churches

All serving ONE God

Want to join OBOG?

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